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ChihuahuasFulfilling a life long dream 4Paws to Heaven was established to breed Chihuahuas for the show ring and to become loving companions. 4Paws to Heaven Chihuahuas are more than pets they are companions, raised from birth to give and receive love.

Our family of Chihuahuas are never caged or housed in separate areas; they are home raised. They are, and will always be, an important part of our family. Having their own bedrooms complete with a bed, wicker baskets, toys, TV and doggy videos our little ones sleep dreaming of doggie treats. Moms-to-be receive special treatment and often find themselves curled up in our bed or getting a warm bubble bath to sooth their growing tummies. The birthing room and nursery are designed for privacy and comfort and they never deliver a litter alone.

Newborn puppies are introduced to the family with great fanfare. Starting from day 1 the new additions are gentle held, whispered loving kisses and told they are beautiful. Moms are given extra treats and additional vitamins to help them nurse the little ones. Within days the new family is whisked away for their first visit with the vet and checked out for any problems.

Chihuahua DogBy their first week at 4Paws to Heaven the new puppies are given their first set of baby clothes. Yes, all our dogs have their own outfits and learn to enjoy being dressed-up, complete with dresses, hats and scarves. Our Chihuahuas are carefully taught to enjoy being pampered and taken out in public. By week 6 the little ones have visited the mall, a ball game or outside market. All of them learn to ride in a doggy carriage and by week eight are semi-leash trained. Socialization is an extremely important part of every 4Paws to Heaven Chihuahua.

Adoptive parents must prove they can provide both love and the financial means to support our little ones. We reserve the right to deny a sale if we feel a puppy will not be properly cared for. A 4Paws to Heaven puppy is a companion for life and can live up to 15 years or more.

The 4Paws to Heaven approach is easy and each paw represents a goal. One Paw for good breeding, the second Paw for excellent nutrition, the third paw is socialization and the fourth and final Paw is pure love.

Take a few minutes to check out our proud parents and some puppies heading to the show ring next year. If you have any question concerning our little ones just call or email. We love to talk about our family.

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